It’s a problem we can all relate to: “I have too much money.” What are we to do in these times? One possible solution would be to drop a cool $13,500,000 on this gorgeous 15,000 square foot home on the near north side.
While most of us mortals will never be able to come close to affording a house like this, it is still fun to window shop. Price aside, this house is pretty freaking amazing. How many houses smack in the middle of downtown Chicago have outdoor pools? They have done an amazing job combing the original 1916 structure with a modern home. The price history is a little curious. It was originally listed in 2014 for $13.9mm, was dropped to $12.9mm in April 2015, raised back up to $13.9mm a few days later and taken off the market and re-listed at $15mm a month after that. Since then, it has bounced on and off the market and currently sits at an asking price of $13.5mm.

If money were no issue, would this house be of interest to you? If not, what home in Chicago would you buy?

Listing, with additional images: 924 N Clark